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June 2015

Neues Zeolith kann mehr Wärme speichern

June 2015

Stabiles Netz trotz flexibler Einspeisung

May 2015

Windenergie-Anlagen rütteln und schütteln

Meet us at

Tag der gewerblichen Schutzrechte,
Stuttgart, 30. Jun
CICM 2015, Washington, 13. - 17. Jul
AALL - American Association of Law Libraries, 10th Annual Meeting and Conference, Philadelphia, 18. - 21. July

Besseres Licht in Innenräumen

16. August 2012

Tageslichtversorgung und künstliche Beleuchtung optimieren

Leichte Dachkonstruktionen senken Wärmeverluste

14. August 2012

Textile und transparente Membranen zur Gebäudesanierung

Wärme aus der Tiefe der Erde nutzen

11. July 2012

Neues Fachbuch zur Geothermie

zbMATH in Focus

02. July 2012

FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure at the 6th Europe-an Congress of Mathematics in Kraków / Otto Neugebauer Prize awarded for the first time

Air-conditioning and cooling buildings with heat

19. June 2012

Absorption chillers are becoming more compact

Investigating underground corrosion processes

18. June 2012

Geothermal research laboratory at Groß Schönebeck

Unique on STN – Numeric Property Search Feature in the Derwent World Patents Index

14. June 2012

Innovative feature for professional searchesFIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for information Infrastructure has developed a unique numeric property search feature for 55 physical and chemical properties/enhanced search precision and a larger bandwidth of relevant hits

Field-testing fuel cell heating units

13. June 2012

A major technological hope is nearly ready for the market

Efficiently driving industrial machines

12. June 2012

Potential study recommends new solutions for driving systems

ICSD now contains 150,042 crystal structures

20. April 2012

The ICSD database now contains 150,042 crystal structures, including 129,210 fully determined crystal structures with atom coordinates obtained from experimental data and 20,832 crystal structures with atom coordinates derived from the corresponding structure types. These data are part of the...

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