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INPADOC on STN will be reloaded and renamed

06. February 2007

INPADOCDB - (INternational PAtent DOCumentation Data Base).

The European Patent Office (EPO) has completed the harmonization project between their two data files INPADOC(PRS) and DOCDB. This new collection of data is now delivered in a new format called DOCDB XML ST.36. The delivery of the old IFD format for INPADOC will be discontinued after week 2007/17, so that the current INPADOC file cannot be updated after this date. STN is creating a new database, INPADOCDB, from the new XML data and will also load the INPADOC legal status data into that database.

While we strive to keep changes for search and display at a minimum, the new file offers a lot of new and enhanced content:

  • about 63 million documents (old file: 49 million documents),
  • backfile back to 1836(US), 1879(DE), 1840(GB), 1900(FR), 1944(JP), etc.
  • many more abstracts, mostly in English,
  • cited references (patents and non-patent literature) for 11 offices. Citations from all searches made at the EPO for BE, CH, EP, FR,GB, NL, TR and all WO are loaded as well as data from AU, DE and US,
  • European classifications (ECLA, ICO, IDT),
  • many original bibliographic data and abstracts.

The new data and the implementation of the new file cause a few major changes from the old file:

  • the patent kind codes change from the IFD format to the DOCDB format. A comparison table can be found at
  • the accession numbers (field AN) will change. This means that saved answer sets and data for the historical remove SDI function from the old file INPADOC are not available in the new file INPADOCDB but starting again newly,
  • the publications in a record are sorted by publication date PD and not by the entry date ED, as in the old file. The so-called LEVEL indicator will no longer be used,
  • "Other Sources, Chemical Abstracts" (search and display field OSCA) and "Other Sources, Derwent" (search and display field OSDW) are not available in the new data,
  • "Related Patent Information" (display field RLI) is not available in the new data.

Effects on Alerts (SDIs)

Please note that STN will transfer your automatic alerts (SDIs) into the new file INPADOCDB. There is no need to change the query or the set-up of your SDI, unless

  • you are using Patent Kind Codes (/PK) as a search field. In that case you need to adapt the kind codes used to the new DOCDB kind codes. Refer to the comparison table at
  • you use the ALL display format and you do not like to receive abstracts included in your answers. Change to the BIB (IBIB) or STD (ISTD) formats instead.