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A Focus on Informatics

12. September 2006

Special edition in the Year of Informatics FIZ Karlsruhe publishes new brochure on information searches in the field of informatics

Karlsruhe, September 2006 – "Today, informatics is to be found in all areas of life. It changes our way of living together, our communication habits, the procurement of information, our daily work and our private and public life. ‘Informatics inside’ keeps modern machines and devices running", says Prof. Dr. Andreas Oberweis, Vice President of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) and professor at the University of Karlsruhe (TH), in his preface to the brochure "A Focus on Informatics" published by FIZ Karlsruhe on the occasion of the Year of Informatics 2006.

In this special edition, FIZ Karlsruhe, an international provider of sci-tech and patent databases and service partner for information management and knowledge transfer in science and industry, presents its professional information services in informatics and mathematics. It demonstrates the advantages of comprehensive searches in reliable databases like the ones FIZ Karlsruhe offers to customers all over the world via its online service STN International. There is also a detailed article on the new informatics portal which offers centralised access to about two million publications in informatics and related disciplines. The English version of the portal went online in July 2006.

Other interesting topics in "A Focus on Informatics" are life and work of the two scientists Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Alan Turing.

Leibniz, the last universal genius, has "invented" the binary system - the basis for today’s computers. The British mathematician and cryptoanalyst Alan Turing was a pioneer of modern computer technology and became famous as the breaker of the "Enigma" code during WW II.

Printed copies of "A Focus on Informatics" in both English and German language can be ordered free of charge at the following address:

FIZ Karlsruhe

Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany

Contact: Mr. Rüdiger Mack

Phone: +49-7247/808-513, Fax +49-7247/808-134
E-Mail: rüdiger.mack(at)fiz-karlsruhe(dot)de

PDF files are available online at: (German) (English)


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FIZ Karlsruhe is an experienced service partner for information management and knowledge transfer in science and industry. Its activities focus on the development of E-Science services and the provision of a worldwide unique collection of databases through its online service STN International.
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