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FIZ Karlsruhe at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2006

25. September 2006

Electronic ordering systems for scientific literature improved / new portal covering two million publications in informatics and related areas / powerful host-based software analyzes search results and displays them in interactive tables, charts and topic maps

Karlsruhe, September 2006 – Again this year, FIZ Karlsruhe will exhibit at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The service partner for information management and knowledge transfer will present its extensive offer of electronic information and literature supply services at its stand no. J457 in hall 4.2. FIZ Karlsruhe’s service offer focuses on the worldwide unique collection of databases on STN International and the development of E-Science services. FIZ Karlsruhe would like to meet not only visitors of the Frankfurt Book Fair but also participants in the DGI-Online meeting organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis (DGI) e.V. For the first time, this meeting will be held at the same time as the Book Fair.

FIZ Karlsruhe will present the following novelties: the enhanced version of the document supply service FIZ AutoDoc; an improved version of the analysis and visualization software STN AnaVist, and the new informatics portal

Automatic ordering of full-texts
FIZ AutoDoc is FIZ Karlsruhe‘s automated document supply service for the direct ordering of original full-text documents. It can be used as a stand-alone web service or in connection with a search in the sci-tech databases offered by FIZ Karlsruhe through its online service STN International. In addition to the automatic ordering service, orders can, upon request, be intellectually analyzed and manually processed by the experienced FIZ AutoDoc service team. Customized solutions for integrating FIZ AutoDoc in intranets and portals are also available. The new, easy-to-use version offers, among other things,  enhanced ordering options and the possibility of ordering articles directly from selected publishers in “pay-per-view” mode. - access to world-wide knowledge in informatics
FIZ Karlsruhe’s new informatics portal , launched in January 2006, offers access to more than two million scientific publications in informatics and related areas. The quick search in the portal and access to a digital library are free; value-added services like an e-mail alert service, personalized publication lists, and full-text ordering options are available at cost. The search process is supported by semantic tools specifically designed for

Adding value to search results
STN® AnaVist(TM) is an interactive software tool for analysis and visualization of search results from bibliographic and patent databases. STN®  AnaVist(TM) analyses search results, groups documents with similar content, and finally visualizes the information in interactive charts and three-dimensional diagrams. The various visualization possibilities help identify new developments and trends in current research, thus making STN®  AnaVist(TM) a most efficient tool for competitive intelligence, R&D strategy, and management decision-making.

Patent workshop at the DGI-Online meeting
On the occasion of the DGI-Online meeting held at the congress center of the Frankfurt Fair, FIZ Karlsruhe offers a special event for all visitors working in the patent information business. On October 4th, from 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m., the workshop „STN-Erfahrungsaustausch Patente“ offers anyone interested current information on novelties in the STN patent files, as well as on general topics and trends. During a snack at the end of the workshop, there will be room for discussion. A registration form for this free event is available at :

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About FIZ Karlsruhe
FIZ Karlsruhe is an experienced service partner for information management and knowledge transfer in science and industry. Its activities focus on the development of E-Science services and the provision of a worldwide unique collection of databases through its online service STN International.

STN International - The Scientific & Technical Information Network - is jointly operated by three partners: FIZ Karlsruhe (Europe), Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Columbus, Ohio (USA), and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) in Tokyo (Japan). STN offers a wide range of indispensable databases as well as excellent tools for search, analysis and post-processing of search results. Decision-makers in enterprises and institutions highly appreciate the valuable information provided by STN.

FIZ Karlsruhe is a member of the Leibniz Association (WGL), an association of non-academic scientific research and service institutions.