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04. Dezember 2006

FIZ Karlsruhe provides new informatics portal / Access to content of four well-established computer science databases / Free basic service and chargeable value-added services / On display at Online Information 2006, London, Grand Hall, Stand No 512 and 514

London/Karlsruhe (Germany), November 2006 - In collaboration with three German universities, FIZ Karlsruhe has developed an informatics portal that pools information from four large, well-established computer science databases. Since July 2006, interfaces both in German and English language are available for searching Novel semantic tools support the information retrieval. For example, they allow to allocate publications to a working context predefined by the user and rank them according to their relevance. The tools have been designed by scientists from various European institutions lead-managed by the AIFB institute, University of Karlsruhe (TH). will be on display at the Online Information 2006 exhibition, London, 28 Nov - 30 Nov, Grand Hall, Stand No 512 and 514. offers its basic services for free, and value-added services at cost. Prices vary from 50.- Euro (single-user license) to 5,000.- Euro (companies), depending on the type of license. The current price list can be viewed at the homepage

The basic service allows to search the entire data base and to display full hit lists and short titles. Duplicate results are consolidated.

With the value-added services offered at cost, publication titles and authors’ names in the results list are directly linked to the corresponding database records. The bibliographic details within the record are further linked to full texts and other information, e.g. the author's research institute etc. The author’s name itself is fully linked to all his or her books and articles registered in one of the source databases of Appropriate publications detected by the search algorithm are displayed in form of a hit list. At the end of this list, all co-authors are listed. Again all these names are linked to homepages and further information. The aggregation of such details is a new feature of and was not available in the source databases.

Four semantic tools in help shorten he search process: The Recommender (1), the Query Refinement (2), the Database Browser (3) and the Database Crawler (4).

The Recommender (1) compares and evaluates, by means of semantic methods,  the content of the search results and sorts them according to their relevance in the working context predefined by the user.

The Query Refinement (2) optimizes search queries. The tool provides two types of recommendations to optimise the query: Modification – the system automatically suggests to add relevant terms to the search term. Specialisation – the system suggests to further specify the search term.

The Database Browser (3, DBL Browser) can be used to prepare the searching process offline. It then sends the queries to the databases. The tool available for download in has been specifically adapted to this portal.

The Database Crawler (4) searches for web pages on certain topics.

The four database aggregated in are CCSB (The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies, University of Karlsruhe). CompuScience (FIZ Karlsruhe), DBLP (Digital Bibliography & Library Project, University of Trier), LEABiB (a bibliographical database produced by the chair for efficient algorithms of the TU Munich). was jointly developed by FIZ Karlsruhe and the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), represented by the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB), University of Karlsruhe (TH). Other partners were scientists from the German universities of Karlsruhe (TH), Munich (TU) and Trier.

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